Jan Polk Original Oil Paintings, note cards, limited edition prints and book A Year of Good Manners by Margery Sinclair, GAFC, AYOGM, Painter of the GAFC

Respect Awards

Being an honorable person is a personal choice each of us makes.  An Honorable, Civilized, Law Abiding-Citizen will not commit a crime even when the opportunity presents itself.

We especially recommend parents and teachers use GAFC Note Cards to reward children who excel at being  honorable, civilized, kind children 
even though they may not stand out academically or sportswise.  They are the backbone of the USA.   We need to recognize that being
an honorable, civilized, law abiding citizen is an important contribution to civilized society.  These children do not bully others; they respect
life and have learned it is important to do no harm..... especially to those who are smaller,  weaker,  or younger .

GAFC Images are reminders to treat yourself and others with respect.   We recommend the Respect Awards be presented on
L.A.C. Day - April 15 - Law Abiding Citizens Day in recognition of being an honorable, civilized, law abiding citizen.  Good Character
and Civilized Behavior do count and should be recognized and respected.  This is a well deserved award and has much more meaning than a
"participation award" just for showing up.

The note cards arrive with beautiful translucent envelops and are immediately recognized as something special before they are even opened.
The cards are suitable for framing.  Principals, Teachers, Parents, etc. may hand write a personal note of recognition or type a certificate
and include it in the note card. The note cards are 4-1/4" x 5-1/2".  

Respect Awards are also appropriate for Adults.   We all like to be treated with respect and recognized for having such qualities.

Lithograph prints, 8" x 10", of the "Blue Iris from the GAFC" are also available for purchase.   $20.00/unframed print
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